Monday, June 25, 2012

Roman Summer

I adore Rome.

Maybe it's the way the bricks glow from the warm light of the city streets in Trastevere, or all the green expanses behind the ancient Catacombs,  or the way women's laughter flutters up as the evening air rustles through white table cloths. In Rome, we are collectively on holiday; whether we live here or are traveling through, the Roman summer is full of light and outdoor performance, and this city's art seems imminent to everyone.

Rome and I are definitely in a limerence period. But whatever,  I'm gonna ride this wave out while it lasts.

My roommate is incredibly kind; a 35 year old filmmaker, Leonardo grew up in Rome and knows the places to go. My other roommate, Stefano, is also wonderful. He is 21 years old and works security for an Afghan refugee camp in the city. Stefano cooks delicious pasta dishes, and we eat lunch and dinner out on the terrace or as a group in the kitchen. The apartment is spacious with white walls that let in the light; we have no AC but keep the doors open during the day, and the place remains surprisingly cool. I have my own balcony and I think that I will be very happy here.

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  1. Wow, Jayce, this sounds like the perfect start to your time in Italy! Can't wait to hear more!